UAB „Achempak“ buys these goods below:

1. Tubular PP fabric. Width of sleeve – 70-200cm. PP fabric's GSM – 60-200g/m2;

2. Flat PP fabric (Sulzer). Width of flat fabric – 45-120cm. PP fabric's GSM – 70-230g/m2;

3 PP belts. Width of PP belts – 3,5-8cm. Strength of PP belts – 12-20kN;

4. PP yarns. Thickness of PP yarns – 3000-4000den. Strength of PP yarns – 180-200N;

5. PE inner liners. Width of PE iner liners – 50-200cm. Thickness of PE inner liners – 25-120 microns;

6. PP strapping band. Width of PP strapping band – 12 and 19mm. Thickness of PP strapping band – 0,8mm;

7. „Solvent“ tape. Dimensions – 48mm*66m;

8. „Strech“ film. Dimensions – 450mm*300m. Thickness – 17 microns;

9. PP tie strings. Dimensions - 300*4,8mm;


10. Flexographics spirit paints suitable for polipropylene;


11. Nylon tape (white). Dimensions – 100mm*200m;


12. Copying tape (black). Dimensions – 104mm*300m;

13. Flexographics cliche;

14. N-propanol and ethil acetate;

15. Used wooden pallets. Dimensions -  80*120cm ir 100*120cm.

Contact number: +370-349-56351. The commercials offers please send us by fax.: +370-349-56086 or email:

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