1 and 2 loop big-bags

    • 1 or 2 lifting loops;
    • Made of not laminated polypropylene fabric;
    • Available with or without polyethylene liner;
    • PE liner types: freely placed, rectangular-shaped or bottle-shaped with the filler neck; white or transparent;
    • SWL - from 500kg to 1000kg;
    • SF (safety factor) - 5 : 1, UN;
    • Types of the top part: open, with the filling valve or filling skirt;
    • Types of the bottom part: "star", square (flat), "H" shaped with one seam, with a discharge valve in square bottom;
    • Available: colour logos (advertising print) on one side or two opposite sides of big bags (up to four colours on each side);
    • Available: A4 or A5 package pouches for documents;
    • Ideal for packing of a variety of fertilizers (urea, DAP, ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulphate, NPK);
    • Big bags of this form are also used for the packing of: seeds, feed for livestock, salt, wood bark and chips, ash, peat, mineral wool, etc.;
    • The overall height of big bags (including loops) can reach up to 250cm; normally, the height of loops vary from 40 to 55 cm.


Filling spout sewn in slit


Filling spout with base





Skirt top






"H" form bottom


"Square bottom"


"Star bottom"



Big bags with one and two loops are made of non-laminated polypropylene fabric of circular woven. These big bags may be provided with inner polyethylene liner (40 to 100 microns in thickness), which protects the products against external moisture. For the tying, plastic straps or polypropylene strips are used. Our big bags are ideal for packing, storage and carriage of various fertilizers.


According to the packing equipment technology, we can produce polyethylene liners of three types: standard (Fig. 1), bottled (Fig. 2), bottled with gussets ready for loops (Fig. 3).


1 pav. standard



 2 pav. bottled


 3 pav. bottled with gussets

ready for loops



In order to facilitate the sorting and loading of the production packaged in big bags, often loops are produced with coloured polypropylene shrink-wrapping. At a client's request, document pouches may be stitched to big bags that may be used for information of packaged goods.


Pressed new big bags with one or two loops are delivered to packing locations on pallets of 360-400 pieces. For the use in automatic packing lines, these big bags can be packaged in special rolls.















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