4 loop big bags

Four-loop big bags are made of laminated or non-laminated polypropylene fabric. These big bags may be provided with inner polyethylene liner (40 to 100 microns in thickness), which protects the products against external moisture. The seams of big bags may be sealed for protection of products against dust and chipping. Big bags are designed for packing, storage and carriage of grain, fertilizers, hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, also the products for food industry. When lifting, the weight force is distributed among the four loops.

• Made of laminated or non-laminated polypropylene fabric;
• Available with or without polyethylene liner;
• SWL - from 1000kg to 2000kg;
• SF (safety factor) - 5: 1, UN;
• Available: colour logos (advertising print) on 1-4 sides of big bags (up to four colours on each side);
• Available: A4 or A5 package pouches for documents;
• Ideal for packing of bulk products such as grain, seeds, feed for livestock, wood bark and chips, ash, construction materials, wood cutting, etc.;
• Various configurations of the top and bottoms parts are available (see the figure).


Standard big bags 

Big bags can be made adjusted individually to each client's needs, i.e. from simple configurations with open top and flat bottom to other configurations; big bags are produced in highly sterile facilities and are suitable for the use in food or pharmaceutical industries.



Open top


Filling spout


Top skirt


Filling spout with cover




Bottom closed




Discharge spout





Conical bottom with discharge spout





Discharge skirt






Discharge spout with protection




Discharge spout with cover


Q-BAG type big bags 

          1pav. "Q-bag" type big bag


Big bags with partitions inside (Fig. 1) are big bags of a special design with internal partitions in the corners, which prevent the bag from bulge during the pouring process, ensure a stable form and do not allow the bag to incurve. Such big bags require less space, and the carriage costs compared to standard big bags are reduced considerably.


„Zig-zag“, „Cross-corner loops“ type big bags 


2 pav.  „Zig-zag“, „Cross-corner loops“


   3 pav. „Zig-zag“, „Cross-corner loops“ with straps in the bottom


Fig. 2. Round sewing of stitches (zig-zag, cross-corner loops). Straps are stitched to reinforced spots of fabric in the corners of the bag and densely stitched (Fig. 2).

Fig. 3. Round sewing of stitches with straps on the bottom (zig-zag, cross-corner loops). Straps are stitched to reinforced spots of fabric and densely stitched.



„Stevedore“, „D form“ type big bags


4 pav. „Stevedore“, „D form“ type big bags




Fig. 4. „Stevedore“, „D type“. Straps are stitched on the opposite sides.






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