Our activities


Our many years of experience and professional approach enable us to offer our customers the best solution – from technical to complex bulk bags intended for the food and medical industry.

Our equipment enables us to produce complex internal (PE) container liners which can be formed inside the bulk bag and enable to fill a package with the product at a maximum.

A coloured logo (promotional print) may be applied when necessary on 1 – 4 sides of the bulk bag (up to 4 colours on each side).


Materials used in the production of our bulk bags – woven polypropylene (PP) fabric (flat, sleeve, ventilated), belts and yarns with UV stabilizers and polyethylene film (LDPE, LLDPE).

These materials can be used in most industries (food, chemistry and medicine, engineering, mining, quarrying, sludge and water treatment).

The company has enclosed storage facilities of 1500 m2 which can hold up to 700 t of polypropylene and polyethylene materials.



In the cutting department, fabric is cut into specific sizes using hot and cold cutting machines. Holes are also cut for filling and discharging valves using special blades. All cutting operations are carried out thoroughly by registering workpiece length, width, number of units and fabric weight in the label. Parts used in food grade packaging are cut for contact with food in different production facilities.

Polyethylene liners are produced by melting the bottom seam and forming an opening for filling or discharging.


Parts cut in the sewing department are stitched together to form the final product – bulk bag. For sewing, we use chain, overlock sewing machines with a protective and sealing seam, therefore the most suitable technologies are selected depending on the purpose of the bulk bag and the used materials. Food grade bulk bags are sewn in production facilities intended to come in contact with food.


Visual control is carried out after each bulk bag production operation.

Additional seam sealing control, cleanliness control on an illuminated table and a metal detector inspection are carried out for food grade bulk bags. In all cases, performance of sewing and control operations is marked with identification signs ensuring bulk bag production traceability.


Produced bulk bags are pressed into palettes from 100 to 500 units. Palettes are covered with a special polypropylene “cover” and reinforced with special strips providing the bulk bag with protection against external environmental impact, as well as forming the overall look of the bag. All palettes are marked with labels containing information about the packaged products. Batch of products intended to come in contact with food is marked with green labels.


We can load up to 48 palettes onto a standard tilt truck ensuring safe loading works with vehicles and near the loading platform.

We consider the needs of our customers and value their time, therefore we track bulk bag production deadlines and unloading works particularly carefully, as well as make sure to inform our customers about any changes. We cooperate with reliable transport companies.